vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Flight to Kiruna

Je voyage fictivement avec T. qui est invité, non pas à se dorer à Thaïti ou autre île merveilleuse du Sud, mais à un voyage plein Nord, là où l’on se gèle, au milieu des narwahls, des phoques, des esquimaux et des aurores boréales. Voici pour vous dépayser un programme sans papillons, puisque nous sommes en hiver,  mais où figure comme point d’orgue un Artic Sauna, a one-of-a-kind Sauna that floats on a lake

Voici le programme

1. Transportation by flight from Stockholm to Kiruna (Northernmost town in Sweden, in Lapland province , you are above the arctic circle in less than 3 hours)

2. All airport transfers both ways (Linköping - Arlanda & return, Kiruna Airport - accommodation)

3. Snow mobile tour (mandatory) on a frozen river for 40 Kms to the Ice Hotel

4. Cabin standard accommodation, on a shared-room basis  with all amenities for cooking

5. Tour managers services and guiding

6. Visit to the Ice Hotel

7.  Free access to the Arctic Sauna, A one-of-a-kind Sauna that floats on a lake.

ici c'est que des mecs, c'est sûr que nos -10° en ce moment les font rigoler
8. Snow mobile tour through a frozen river for 40 Kms to the Ice Hotel

9. Visit the Sami church and Kiruna Kyrka

c'est la partie spirituelle du trip
ici Jésus marche facile sur la glace

10. Dog Sledge tour* (Ride your own dogsledge - see details below)

11. Ice-fishing (c'est la partie surprise du trip)

ceci est le programme spécial d'ice-fishing
la vis motorisée à droite sert à "briser la glace"

12. Cross Country Skiing

13. Build your own Igloo/snow hole

14. Trip to the worlds largest underground iron mine

15. A chance to see the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) , the most amazing light show in the world

16. Visit to Narvik and Abisko National Park (only for 5 day trips)

snow mobile
l'engin indispensable pour frimer dans la neige

Included in the trip :

1. Flight transfers from Stockholm
2. Experiencing the beauty of Swedish Lapland (all nights at accommodation with all amenities for cooking)
3. With clear weather chance to see the most amazing light show in the world (Aurora borealis/Northern Lights)
4. Crossing the Arctic Circle (Get a certificate at the local tourist office!)
5. Visit to Abisko National park
6. Arctic sauna with an ice dip (Private sauna for 3-4 persons also possible with free booking)
7. Learn about the Sami Culture with visit to Sami museum
8. Visit to the oldest and largest Ice Hotel in the world*
9. Go snowmobiling or dog sledding
10. Go cross country skiing (Ski rent at 100 SEK)
11. Party with open fire with Reindeer skin seating
12. All equipment required for Ice-fishing and building an igloo are provided at accommodation free of cost
13. Equipment like overalls, helmet, snowsuit, insulated boots, ski goggles, warm gloves, etc will be provided along with the tours

aurore boréale garantie :

Have a good trip in Artic, Thomas !

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