mardi 31 décembre 2013

Un Caddy neige !

Trouvé sur internet :

From a publication by the Danish Citroën Kégresse club “Krybebånds Societetet” .

More parts of the story of the Kégresse in Norway will follow later.

Through the years there have been some indications that there was an expedition to Sweden and Norway as early as in 1923 ! Olivier de Serres, write in his book – Citroën tous les models :

“In February 1923, ….., part of an expedition of half tracks Citroën Kégresse in northern Sweden and Norway where the car literally amazed by the possibilities of indigenous routes that these vehicles opened in remote areas-through a long and heavy snowfall. The reputation of Citroën in Scandinavia will be no stranger to these demonstration part by Lucien Rosengart … “

In this picture we can see at least three earlier Citroën-Kegresse K1. On the right is a Citroën with Caddy body with Norwegian provisory registretion. On the left a car thath seems not to be a Citroën! In the backround we can just see some tracks from the third car!

Of the three cars, one is clearly a Kégresse with the chic and beautiful bodywork Caddy! It has Norwegian provisory plates, with number A 827 and the letters ‘prøve’. The second does not look to be a Citroen judging from the dashboard and hood form, but has the characteristic radiator for these models. On the third car, we can only see that there are belts on. and probably have rear seats and a litle trunk.

On two of the cars the rubber belts are different from each other, suggesting that they were experimenting with them, presumably to test which type was more suitable in the snow. On both cars can note that the belt is wider than normal, they are of type “neige” intended for use in the snow.

Ca donne envie de voir des caddy : on sait que cette carrosserie a été créée par Labourdette, surtout sur des B2, mais on connaît aussi des B14. Un bel exercice de menuiserie pour les spécialistes, ça donne envie d’en faire un jouet au 1/7°, un peu plus tard…

En 2014 ?

Sonia Delaunay et son caddy décoré en...Sonia Delaunay !

regardez les 21 secondes de ce film : non seulement il y a en mouvement le caddy-neige dont la photo figure ci-dessus, mais, en y regardant bien, il y a une autre autochenille en haut de la pente enneigée !