samedi 13 novembre 2021

Alpine Shelter at 2760m in the italian Dolomites

Je vais vous le faire en Anglais pour vous confirmer mon appartenance au monde planétaire Anglo-saxon, il faut absolument faire fonctionner votre Google-translate ! 

This incredible alpine shelter on Monte Cristallo, Auronzo di Cadore, Italy, was built during World War I at a height of 2760 meters. 

Located in the Italian Dolomites, Monte Cristallo is a long, indented ridge with four summits higher than 3,000 metres. Today, the mountain range is part of the “Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites,” but back during WWI it was a scene of intense warfare between Italy and Austria-Hungary.


The warring sides installed heavy artillery, built tunnels under each other’s positions and blew the tops off of mountains to trigger avalanches resulting in thousands of deaths. Today, you can hike through the galleries they mined through the rock. It’s equally amazing and terrifying. 

The armies also built many bunkers and shelters like the one depicted here. Judging by their history and unique location in the almost vertical cliff, this building will definitely survive the armageddon.

on comprend, quand on imagine la via ferrata d'accès,

qu'il y ait des séniors pas encore vaccinés !

il faut dire à leur décharge

que les mecs susceptibles de les contaminer

ne courent pas les rues !