lundi 5 juin 2017

Jordi Atalante (3)

Maintenant que vous avez vu ce que Jordi sait faire, vous ne serez plus étonné par cette merveille absolue :

mais comment découpe-t-il le pare-brise posé plein ?

Après le travail du laiton, apprêt et peinture

des détails fabuleux :

le modèle ou la vraie ?

...respect !

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello:

    I am very happy to have found your page.

    I own 9 models by Antonitti- Bossat. All 7 of the Ferraris, the Bugattu T41 Royale Coupe de Napoleon that was on eBay and recently, I bought the Mercedes 540K.

    I have seen most of the other models that Antonietti made, some in person and some just in photos. The only exception is the Mercedes 300SLR, which I have heard about but have never seen. I am not even sure if it was the gullwing or the open top racer.

    I would love to get that Mercedes for my collection and maybe his SSKL, but I am especially looking for a T59, and T57 either Atalante but especially the Atlantique SC.

    I also have models by other famous builders such as Dr. Hederthauer, Jaques Catti, Gerald Wingrove etc.

    If you want to contact me to discuss anything or get more photos, please eMail me at

    1. Hi Rogers !
      You can go to :
      I have seen Jordi Rodriguez near Barcelona (Spain) with more photos.
      He is probabbly the most specialized maquettista that I have rencontred. Regards

  2. If you want to discuss anything more about models or get more photos my eMail is