jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Mc Cartan (3)

Je vous ai parlé du mémorial à Eugène Field, pas le mathématicien de la médaille Field, mais un écrivain américain (1850-1895) connu pour ses poésies pour enfants, et ses essais humoristiques ! Comme j'ai trouvé le commentaire en anglais, je le reprends tel quel maintenant que vous vous êtes remis à la langue de Sheakspeare :

A memorial to Eugene Field, a statue of the "Dream Lady" from his poem, "Rock-a-by-Lady" was erected in 1922 at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. The sculptor was Edward McCartan. The memorial cost $35,000, and was funded by public school children, citizens of Chicago and the B. F. Ferguson Monument Fund. It was dedicated on October 9, 1922.

The inscriptions reads:

On upper base front left side:
Have you ever heard of the sugar plum tree
tis a marvel of great renown
it blooms on the shore of the lollipop sea
in the garden of shut eye town.

On upper base front right side:

Wynken, Blinken and Nod one night
sailed off in a wooden shoe
sailed on a river of crystal light
into a sea of dew.

On back of base:

Erected in 1922 by
school children and
citizens aided by the
Benj. F. Ferguson Fund 

The Rock-a-By Lady from Hushaby street
         Comes stealing ; comes creeping;
The poppies they hang from her head to her feet,
And each hath a dream that is tiny and fleet---
She bringeth her poppies to you, my sweet,
       When she findeth you sleeping !

There is one little dream of a beautiful drum---
       "Rub-a-dub!" it goeth ;
There is one little dream of a big sugar-plum,
And lo! thick and fast the other dreams come
Of popguns that bang, and tin tops that hum,
       And a trumpet that bloweth !

And dollies peep out of those wee little dreams
       With laughter and singing ;
And boats go a-floating on silvery streams,
And the stars peek-a-boo with their own misty gleams,
And up, up, and up, where the Mother Moon beams,
       The fairies go winging !

Would you dream all these dreams that are tiny and fleet ?
       They 'll come to you sleeping ;
So shut the two eyes that are weary, my sweet,
For the Rock-a-By Lady from Hushaby street,
With poppies that hang from her head to her feet,
       Comes stealing ; comes creeping.

Vous voyez que les sculptures montrant des femmes aux ailes de papillons représentent soit Psyché, (et je vous en montrerai bientôt d'autres exemples), soit des fées, des fairies, comme c'est le cas ici.

fairies ?
butterflies ?

toujours des papillons !

ce n'est pas fini avec McCartan : 

demain la fin !

je vous montrerai aussi les fairies de Léa Bradovich
mais c'est une autre histoire